The Loan Process

What to expect

Loan Application

  • Borrower(s) can apply online, over the phone, meet with a Loan Officer face to face, or communicate through email or fax. 
  • Your dedicated Loan Officer will obtain your credit report and a variety of data points and request appropriate loan documentation to qualify you for the best financing available

Loan Qualification

  • Your Loan Officer will match your goals, needs and qualifications with the large variety of mortgage products and programs Everett Financial has to offer.
  • Your loan structure will be hand tailored by your experienced Loan Officer to best accommodate your financing desires.
  • Your financing options will be explained in detail and you’ll be able to receive a pre-qualification for your financing.
  • If you’re requesting a purchase loan, you and your real estate agent will receive the pre-approval letter from your  Loan Officer and you’ll be on your way to finding the perfect home.

Loan Set Up

  • The loan disclosure package including all required disclosures are sent via your preferred method either electronically to be digitally signed, overnighted or faxed.
  • Your residential appraisal is ordered through a top rated independent Appraisal Management Company.

Loan Processing

  • Your dedicated Loan Processor will review the loan file and documentation for completeness and perform a welcome call to introduce you to our operations team.
  • Any items needed for underwriting will be promptly requested.


Our in-house underwriting department will review and your loan for approval and request any final items for a final Clear to Close.


  • Once Cleared to Close Everett Financial sends prepared closing documents to the title company.
  • Final Closing Disclosure is approved with the title company prior to loan closing
  • Dedicated Loan Officer will review Closing Disclosure with you and answer all questions
  • Loan closing is completed with closing agent and all involved parties

Post Closing

Please feel free to call us for any assistance you may need after closing. Thank you for the opportunity to serve your mortgage needs.

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